The Newcastle Model Railway Club Incorporated

Advice to Members



The Newcastle Model Railway Club (TNMRC) has established the following guidelines to maximise the enjoyment and comfort of all members and visitors.  The guidelines are designed to cater for all members’ preferences and lifestyle needs. For the comfort and convenience of all members, your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is appreciated.


Membership and Attendance


Admission to Club Premises

Your membership provides access to the Club and its facilities including use of the layouts. It is a condition of entry that a member must sign in and pay attendance fees upon entry.



TNMRC warmly welcome visitors to the club. As a member, you may also invite family and friends to the Club. Visitors can attend a maximum of three times per year, and must sign in upon entry. Visitors are not required to pay attendance fees. A member must be in attendance with any visitors. Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests at all times.



At present The Newcastle Model Railway Club is unable to offer memberships to persons under the age of eighteen years old. This is due to legislative requirements and obligations such as the requirement for working with children’s checks. However minors (those under the age of eighteen) are able to participate in the clubs activities if their parent or legal guardian becomes a member of the club, the parent/guardian must be in attendance at all times when their young person is at the club.


Dress Code

A neat and tidy appearance is required at all times.

Appropriate clothing is to be worn when undertaking work activities, this includes the wearing of covered shoes and any associated personal protective equipment required to undertake any specific task.


Offers of Membership

The club does not offer memberships up front, we encourage people to come along and visit the club a few times before any discussions about membership are entered into, that way people can get to see if the club and its activities provide the experience that they are seeking. Membership forms are available from the Secretary and must be endorsed by two current financial members.



Protecting your privacy is important to TNMRC, any personal data we collect, is safe-guarded, and is not released without your personal authorisation.

Club Members must not disclose the personal information of another Member (including their email addresses) to another party, without the express prior permission of that Member.


Whilst at the Club


Operating Club Layouts

TNMRC currently provides layouts suitable for operating N, HO, & OO scale model trains. Although there is the ability to run other model scale trains, operating is restricted to the above designated scales, this ensures that there are no potential conflicts between users which may result in damage to Club and/or a member’s own property.



To maximise enjoyment for everyone, members and visitors must:

·        Never touch someone else’s model without their permission. If you see a train derail or separate, notify the owner or someone operating the layout, as quickly as possible.

·        Operators must follow their train as they traverse the layout.

·        Do not touch, lean on or reach over the layout un-necessarily.

·        Be kind –Have respect for other modellers and their models, do not nit-pic or provide unwanted criticism of other’s work.

·        Be patient – we know our layouts can get crowded at times.

·        Have respect and have fun!


Kept it clean and tidy

Please assist by keeping the club room clean and the layouts functioning properly, as well as and replacing all furniture to its original position when you are finished using it.


Food & Drink

Food stuffs are permitted within the club. Members are advise to ensure that all areas are left clean and tidy and waste is disposed of in the appropriate waste bin. Drinks are not permitted to be place on the layouts.



Smoking is not permitted on Club property.


Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is permitted in all areas of the Club. As a courtesy and a sign of mutual respect, members placing and or receiving calls are asked to locate themselves away from others.


Club Resources


Library Use

The club has an extensive range of printed and electronic media for your use and enjoyment; these may be borrowed at your convenience by writing the required details in the library loan book, which is located in the DVD cabinet.


Use of the Club Property

Please assist by keeping the club room clean and the layouts functioning properly, as well as and replacing all furniture to its original position when you are finished using it.

Should you wish to borrow Club property please place a request with the Club’s President, Secretary or Treasurer.

In the event that club property is damaged, broken or missing please advise a member of the Club’s committee.

You cannot use the Club Premises as your permanent place of business or business address. You cannot canvas for business, or in respect of any political or municipal election or insurance or assurance.


Feedback: We’re here to help

Hearing from you is valuable so we can improve experiences for our Club Members. If you have a compliment, an insight or you are not satisfied with the experience provided, you can submit feedback via Clubs email:
Committee Meetings: members are invited to submit any items affecting club operation and activities.  Issues for discussion should be forwarded to a member of the committee prior to a monthly meeting.


Further Information

Operation of the TNMRC is governed by The Model Constitution, Under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 © State of New South Wales through NSW Fair Trading, 2016

For additional information please refer to NSW Fair Trading’s copyright policy at or email


For information on club activities and running sessions a monthly schedule is provided and displayed on the clubs website.   Hard copies are also available at the club.